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The two Window Media Videos below will help you better visualize what makes these kayaks so great.  If you are on DSL, Cable or some other fast internet connection and are using Windows Internet Explorer as your browser, click on the file names below to view. If you are on dial-up or using Netscape,  it is best to first download the video file to your computer to view by following the directions noted below:

Kayak2go.wmv (Shows a kayak2go.com kayak being put together for use and then taken down - about 650 K)

Kayak2go-in-use.wmv - shows a short clip of the kayak being launched and an open water reentry (you can also use the conventional two-man reentry method) (about 875 K)

  1. Right click on the "Kayak2go.wmv" text above.  

  2. Right clicking on this text will open a dialogue box.  Click on "Save Target As..." (Netscape Users click on "Save file as...")

  3. Specify the "Save In" location and click "Save.

  4. The windows media file will be downloaded (saved) to your hard drive.  (This may take up to several minutes depending upon your internet connection speed.)  

  5. After downloading is complete, click "Close." 

  6. Locate the Kayak2go.wmv file on your hard drive using Windows Explorer.  Double click on the Kayak2go.wmv file. The video will open and run via Windows Media Player.  


Click on the thumbnails below to view the photos full size.  Use your browser's BACK button to return to this page.  Also check out the pictures on the Customer Feedback page. 

Great Scout project

Here's a picture from the roof looking down at some of the fine kayaks our local Scout unit made a few summers ago.

All folded down and ready to store

The kayak folds down flat and then in half making it easy to store and transport.

Care for some crab?

We love to take our kayaks to a nearby bay to go crabbing. The kayaks are stable and are great for fishing and crabbing. However you still need to keep an eye on those claws...

Stealth kayak

This kayak was painted in black using highly flexible latex roof coating. This is one way the kayaks can be painted - not recommended in hot climates. The plans provide various options for finishing your kayak.

All ready to paint

Here you see the plywood and canvas construction. This kayak is already to be painted.

Easy to carry

The kayak folds down into a size that is easy to store, easy to carry and easy to transport.