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Customer Feedback

Here's some tips, pictures and feedback from a kayak2go.com customer.  There are some great tips and ideas here.  Please feel free to send in pictures of your kayak and any tips that might be helpful to others.  Thank you.  

Elk Grove, California: I built a Kayak from your plans over 6 months ago for fun. The plans were excellent and the kayak turned out to be a great boat! It is an amazingly simple design. The great thing is that I can easily load three kayaks on top of my SUV quickly Ė by myself. They also store easily in my garage on a hanging rack I made.

A few things that made the project easier for me and possibly for others:

Have the long plywood cut into the 1-foot wide strips by the lumber yard! This not only makes it easier to load, but makes for nice straight cuts!! I also was able to complete each kayak without using a table saw (that I donít have). I only used a jig saw, drill, and router!

After my first kayak, I used 1 x 2 boards for the bottom and top rails. I rounded the top of each rail with a router to make it smooth. The advantage was that these deeper rails did not have to be cut in strips from another board. More importantly, they gave the kayaks a little more stiffness. I did have to get a little longer screw.

I used high gloss exterior latex enamel over a good primer for the main body and a white latex elastomeric roof sealer for the center canvas. The elastomeric paint is very flexible and took some time to fully cure but was worth it. The high gloss is very easy to wipe down and still looks like new.

I made one paddle for fun, but decided that purchasing a two piece paddle was easier to load in the car and had a better feel in the water.

I have attached a few pictures that you are free to use as you like!

Thanks again for a fun project!

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