We have decided to distribute the plans similar to the way “shareware” software is distributed.  Feel free to review these plans and feel free to email them to your friends.  If you decide to keep a copy of the plans, please be honest and pay for them.  As noted above, you can pay for them via mail or on the web by logging onto our website and paying via Paypal (an easy to use and secure credit card transaction process).   

Note: Once you purchased these plans, please feel free to use these plans to build any number of kayaks. When building the projects as a group (more than one person building multiple projects at one location at the same time), please feel free to make copies of the plans for those involved.  However, after the project is completed, please retrieve all copies of the plans.  Persons wishing to build the project separately must purchase their own copy of the plans. 




These plans emphasize safety and care in both the building and the use of these projects.  However, like any activity, there is the risk of injury.  Both building and using these projects involve activities that may cause injury or death to the user or other participants. and/or is unable to ensure that all project construction and or use activities are carried out in a safe manner. and/or or any of the persons related to and/or do not assume any responsibility or liability for any injury or damages that may result from the construction, use of these plans or use of these kayaks in any way.   By using these plans to build a kayak you do hereby indicate that you have read this caution and liability release statement and do release and all related persons of any and all responsibility and liability.  

If you do not agree to this liability release statement, please do not download the plans.  Going forward with the download and or use of the plans indicate that you have accepted the above stated risks and do release return the plans to and all related persons of any and all responsibility and liability. 

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